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January 2018 Newsletter

TLC continues to meet the needs of the Parents and Families of Charles City and surrounding communities. We have switched and renovated the rooms of the Center to meet the numbers of children in each age category. It is one of our most important responsibilities to move your children to the next level room closest to their birthday as possible. TLC currently has infants that have turned one that need to transition into wobblers, and the older wobblers that are not ready to transition to the 2 year old room yet, but are more advanced in their abilities and knowledge than our fledgling wobblers. We have therefore developed a "Step Up" room for our 18-24 month old wobblers. This will give them the opportunity to continue to advance with their closest in age peers. Each wobbler room will continue to follow the Creative Curriculum routines and skill sets. The two rooms will follow the same daily schedule, share their outside playground time, and mix together for special programs. It's going to be a "Great" New Year!!

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