Children 12 months to 24 months

 Your (one year old) Wobbler, who is now walking, has many new environments to explore for play;  kitchen, dress up, climbing, library, block play and cozy area.  They will eat with their friends family style and learn to follow a routine and begin creative curriculum skills.

Through exploration and daily circle time we encourage children to sing, dance, learn new words and expand their motor skills.  They are assisted with learning to use sippy cups, dishes and silverware. 


Children 24 months to 2 1/2 years


The Toddler Step Up Room gives new Toddlers (24 - 30 months old) the opportunity to continue to advance and begin to transition to the older toddler room.

The Toddler Step Up Room follows creative curriculum routines and skill sets. STEM, language, gross and fine motor skills, dramatic play.  The children continue to follow daily routines and experience greater independence. 

Mon-Fri 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Phone: 641-228-4525

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404 North Jackson St. Charles City, IA 50616

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